Masuko Green House System (Masuko GHS)

The field of my research and development works has been based on the the strickt European Union building energetics regulatory environment (European Constructions Energy Performance Directive). The focus has been on the development of lightweight concrete products to achieve low energy consumption, passive and active housing materials – as a regard to steadily growing international needs for durable, environmental friendly and selfstructured construction products.

A Energy regulations to be introduced from 2020 onwards, has planning and construction of near to 0 energy consumtion buildings in focus. Buildings to be built with the usage of Masuko GHS lightweight concrete at the wall thickness of the standard 42 cm, yet to provide far better heat transmission (U value) results than the 2019 requirements: U=0,15 W/m²K. According to prior calculations, it can be declared that buildings (with the standard wall thickness of min. 42 cm) built by Masuko GHS require 50-70% less energy for heating and cooling as the conventionally used brick technology walling coated with heat insulation used today. With the application of new generation, innovative gBh resalcon lightweight concrete one can more than satisfy the requirements of European as well as global construction and environmental needs and also the more and more strickt energy efficiency requirements.

The MOST EXCEPTIONAL PROPERTIES of Masuko GHS lightweight concrete:

  • fireproof
  • water repellent
  • breathable
  • high compressive strenght
  • flexible
  • extra lightweight
  • economically producable
  • recycled, reused and different types of waste can be used to manufacture the material
  • can be used to construct earthquake and even tornado proof buildings

The POSSIBLE FIELDS OF USE for Masuko GHS lightweight concrete: In case of constructing new buildings:

  • lightweight houses,
  • timber houses,
  • housing-, or office-containers, saunas,
  • additional floor to existing buildings,
  • industrial and agricultular buildings (factory, store house, animal shelter, crop storage)

Post-construction heat insulation:

  • high-rises,
  • family houses
  • blocks of flats
  • light-structured houses,
  • timber houses,
  • housing-, or office-containers,
  • industrial and agricultular buildings (factory, store house, animal shelter, crop storage)
  • coffin slabs made with film casting technology
  • upper and substructures (subways, bridges)
  • heat-, air-, oil-, and water pipelines
  • roofs (without using heat mirror films, better heat factor can be achieved both winter and summer times)
  • wet premises (bathroom, sauna, laundry, cellar)

The Masuko GHS lightweight concrete construction material can revolutionalize the construction industry with its unique characteristics and wide-range usage possibilities. During the development of the Masuko GHSn lightweight concrete I could issue a pantent at the hungarian patent office (patent number: 227 463), and tested the material with the hungarian ÉMI (Non-profit Limited Liability Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building) At building contruction currently we are using lightweight technology, in a way, that we build shutterings around steel or metalic structures and fill in the shutters with Masuko GHS lightweight concrete.