The reusing of blast-furnace slag

At model castings with different types of slags, excellent quality concretes were produced. The observation and examination of the samples is currently in progress in cooperation with Dunaújváros University.

The neutralization and reusing of slag from waste burning plants, iron and cement plans is a new an innovative field of technology, thus it is worth further discussing it:

As in the case of every concrete made with MASUKO Recycling technology, no polluting material can escape from the slag-concrete – it absorbs soot, ash, polluted slag and fixes it to the waterproof concrete. This way, it will be suitable to be used as for example pedestrian or bicycle road, sewer or any similar construction. Because of its materials, it is highly solid and thus is suitable for bearing large weights.

The production of slag concrete with MASUKO Recycling technology:

Az Slag, used as material, has to be ground to particles smaller than 10 mm, than can be used as gravel is traditional concrete, thus can be mixed in any regular concrete-mixer. The sole difference is the MASUKO Recycling additive added at the mixing process.